Mechanical Engineering

Let’s Make a move !!

  • Hydraulic Power Steering
    Hydraulic power steering Is an auxiliary system that uses the #engine #power to change the angle of the wheel axis and thus change the direction of the #car by the hydraulic pressure provided by a hydraulic pump driven by the vehicle’s engine .
  • Frontal vehicle glass
    Frontal vehicle glass Pvb #Laminated #Glass is a type of #safety glass that stays consistent in the event of a crash.
  • The Clutch
    The cars need to have a #clutch. The reason is that the #engine stays rotating while the wheels are stop at the same time , Thus there is no need to turn off the engine when you need to stop the wheels from moving. In addition, the
  • Arc Welding
    #Electric arc #welding is done by #heat generated by the electric arc between electrode and metal, The electric arc is the discharge of electrical charges through a gap between the conductors and the temperature of the electric arc up to 5000 degrees Celsius is enough to melt #iron and its alloys.
  • Solar Heater
    The #solar #heater is a device for converting solar radiation #energy into #thermal energy used in heating #water for home purposes and warming . The solar heater consists of the following sections:  #Storage tank – Sun ray collector –  Accessories