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Mechanical Engineering

  • Car Parts and its Component
    What are Main car parts ? As mentioned earlier, a car consists of many different parts, which can be divided into several main groups: The engine The engine is the most important part of the car, because it is responsible for generating the energy needed to move it. There are many types of engines, but… Read More »Car Parts and its Component
  • Bernoulli equation
    The Bernoulli equation and Venturi tube are concepts in engineering and physics related to hydraulics (fluid mechanics). Let us explain each of them: Bernoulli’s equation is an important equation in hydraulics (fluid mechanics) and is used to understand the behavior of fluids as they flow. The equation is based on conservation of energy and describes… Read More »Bernoulli equation
  • BidFax
    Bidfax is a site specialized in damaged car auctions, providing a unique service that combines the worlds of e-commerce and the automotive industry. Bidfax is an important resource for businesses and individuals looking for opportunities to buy and sell salvage vehicles at competitive prices. In this article, we’ll take a look at this site and… Read More »BidFax
  • Car Parts Infograph
    Car Parts map explained with full pictures and articles
  • Car Dashboard Light symbols
    A dashboard is a control panel usually located directly ahead of a #vehicle’s driver, displaying instrumentation and controls for the vehicle’s operation
  • Engine lubrication circuit
    Engine Lubricating System , How it works ? Engine lubrication circuit is a system necessary to keep your engine’s moving parts in good condition by reducing friction, cooling parts, and removing dirt. The lubrication circuit consists of the following components: Engine Lubricating System Parts Oil tank: Contains engine oil. Oil pump: It pushes oil to… Read More »Engine lubrication circuit
  • Argon Welding
    Argon gas is an inert gas widely used in welding operations to protect the welded area from atmospheric contamination and ensure weld quality. There are several types of argon welding processes based on different applications and the needs of different metal materials. Here are some common types of argon welding: The uses and types of… Read More »Argon Welding
  • Hydraulic Power Steering
    Hydraulic power steering Is an auxiliary system that uses the engine power to change the angle of the wheel axis and thus change the direction of the #car by the hydraulic pressure provided by a hydraulic pump driven by the vehicle’s engine . Hydraulic power steering advantages It Consists of : Hydraulic power steering work… Read More »Hydraulic Power Steering
  • The Clutch
    The cars need to have a clutch. The reason is that the #engine stays rotating while the wheels are stop at the same time , Thus there is no need to turn off the engine when you need to stop the wheels from moving. In addition, the
  • Arc Welding
    Electric arc welding is a modern and efficient welding technology that is widely used in various industries to permanently join metal pieces. This type of welding is achieved by generating high heat through the electric arc that forms between the electrode and the metal to be welded. An electric arc is the passage of electrical… Read More »Arc Welding
  • Bearing types and its component
    How bearing works and what are bearing types ? Bearings are essential components in many mechanical systems, enabling smooth and efficient rotation or linear motion between two surfaces. They come in a wide variety of types, each designed to handle specific load and speed conditions. The basic principle of how bearings work is to reduce… Read More »Bearing types and its component
  • Car Engine parts
    Internal combustion engine parts of both types: gasoline and diesel Internal combustion engines are characterized by the diversity and complexity of their parts, and are divided into two main parts: gasoline and diesel. Each type of these engines consists of several fixed and moving parts, in addition to accessories and systems that contribute to the… Read More »Car Engine parts
  • Frontal vehicle glass – Laminated glass
    Frontal vehicle glass Pvb #Laminated #Glass is a type of #safety glass that stays consistent in the event of a crash.
  • Aluminum Extrusion
    Aluminum extrusion represents one of the important manufacturing processes that allows aluminum to be shaped accurately and efficiently. This process involves pushing aluminum material through a specific shaped hole using high pressure. Aluminum extrusion is characterized by the ability to obtain complex shapes of the produced material, in addition to its ability to form soft,… Read More »Aluminum Extrusion
  • Twisted Iron Fence
    How twisted #iron are made ?