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    Engine Lubricating System , How it works ?

    Engine lubrication circuit is a system necessary to keep your engine’s moving parts in good condition by reducing friction, cooling parts, and removing dirt. The lubrication circuit consists of the following components:

    Engine Lubricating System Parts

    Oil tank: Contains engine oil.

    Oil pump: It pushes oil to all parts of the engine.

    Oil filter: Removes dirt from the oil.

    Oil channels: They transport oil to all parts of the engine.

    Mechanism of operation of the lubrication circuit

    When the engine is running, the oil pump rotates and pushes oil to all parts of the engine through the oil channels. The oil moves to the moving parts and forms a thin film that prevents friction between these parts. The oil also helps cool moving parts by absorbing heat from them. In addition, the oil helps remove dirt from engine parts.

    Types of lubrication systems

    There are two main types of lubrication systems in engines:

    The importance of the lubrication circuit

    The lubrication circuit plays an important role in maintaining engine safety and efficiency. If the lubrication circuit is not working properly, it can damage the engine.

    Tips to maintain the lubrication circuit

    Here are some tips for maintaining the lubrication circuit:

    If you notice any problems with the lubrication circuit, take your car to the nearest mechanic.

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