Perpetual Engine

We often hear on the internet about a #perpetual #engine or free #energy as we watch a lot of videos on YouTube showing inventions for such engines .
This idea is very old and many in the Middle Ages tried to get this energy but this idea failed
In fact, there is NO perpetual engine and there is NO free energy because it is contrary to the Lavoisier principle (the principle of energy retention), which states that energy is not destroyed and does not create from scratch. All these videos are nonsense and they are made to make money of the ads .
For example, in this wheel, which has been reinvented since the Middle Ages as a permanent movement


Let’s make some math calculations:
Work is given in equation to: work = force × transition. That is, the influential force should move some distance on the axis so that the impact of work .. Thus we find:
That the work of the force of gravity a block on the following relationship: work = M.G.H where:
M: Mass of Ball (KG)
H: The height of the ball (because the axis of gravity is vertical) in meters
G: Gravity acceleration = 9.81 m / s 2
We find that for each ball to raise it by (H) we need to work in the amount of M.G.H and when it decreases by (H) will provide the work M.G.H regardless of the way the ball moves and as a result when using this wheel You get nothing .. This is theoretically in practice, there is loss of energy in the form of heat due to friction in the axis of rotation and the forces of traction and disability caused by friction with the air wheel, leading to this wheel stops rotating .
It is also measured by all the forces of influence such as the magnetic force and electric force and the driving force of Archimedes .
Also for example we have a computer cooling fan video has been fixed magnets on its blades and the owner of the video claims that when you toward a similar polar magnet will collide with the blades causing rotation ..

stupid perpetual motor
stupid perpetual motor

The owner of the video is forgetting that for each magnet poles and that during the dissonance there will be attraction with the other pole of the same magnet, which will push the system to take a position in which the balance of the forces of dissonance and attraction
In the video this fan is shown as a generator. In DC motor such as those used in children’s toys, the two brushes transfer the power supply to the DC motor

And the opposite of the polarity to maintain the direction of positive torque and can act as generator in case you rotate it by external force, while the cooling fan is a DC motor without a brush (BLDC) .

Brushless DC motor has an electronic circuit to cut the current and reverse its polarity to maintain positive torque. This circuit passes the current in one direction, so no continuous electric current is produced when rotated this fan is powered by external power and this is another proof that these videos are fake.

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