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    The automobile industry has a long history and continuous development, as it began its journey with simple designs and limited technologies to transform over time into a complex and advanced technological phenomenon. Among the challenges facing car designers was the need to overcome the turning obstacle, as initial experiments showed that this process was hindered due to the need for the outside wheel to rotate more than the inside wheel during the turn.

    Differential system in the car

    When a car is driving on a straight road, both wheels are supposed to rotate at the same speed. However, the challenge arises when cornering, as the outside wheel needs to travel a greater distance than the inside wheel to maintain balance. This difference in distance requires technology that allows changing the wheel rotation speed in a way that suits changing conditions, and here the importance of the differential system appears.

    Differential axle
    Differential axle

    Differential gears:

    If driving on a straight road, both wheels must rotate at the same speed. But when cornering, the outside wheel needs to travel a longer distance than the inside wheel, and therefore needs a greater number of revolutions. Here the importance of differential gears appears in providing this balance.

    wheels taking turn

    How does the car differential work?

    The differential system consists of the leading gear (crown) that carries the planetary gearbox. When moving in a straight line, the planetary gears move with the wheel axle gears as one piece, thanks to the planetary gearbox rotating with the leader gear.


    Gears move in the straight path:

    When moving in a straight path, the planetary gears move with the axes of the wheel shaft as if they were one piece,

    Differential free

    Gears move in the circular path:

    When the vehicle enters a turn, the planetary gears shift to roll on the inner wheel sprocket, which is moving at a slower speed. This roll causes the outer wheel sprocket to turn more quickly, allowing the vehicle to maneuver corners more easily.

    Differential locked

    This gif shows the set when work on straight path

    Differential gears
    Differential gears

    The importance of oil in the differential box:

    The oil in the differential plays a vital role in maintaining the health and performance of the gears. The oil lubricates and cools the gears, reducing friction and maintaining a proper temperature. This helps improve transmission efficiency and extends the life of the gears.

    Closed differential:

    To improve the car’s performance in difficult driving conditions, the “Differential Locked” system locks the differential gears. This means that both wheels rotate at the same speed, which increases stability in difficult conditions.

    Close of:

    In conclusion, the car’s differential system appears as an essential element that embodies brilliant engineering. This system ensures driving safety and vehicle stability on the road, and highlights its importance, especially during maneuvers and turns. The oil in the differential can completes this system by ensuring the health of the components and ensuring their optimal performance.

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