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The Clutch

The cars need to have a #clutch. The reason is that the #engine stays rotating while the wheels are stop at the same time , Thus there is no need to turn off the...

Torsen Gears

Have you ever your #car get stuck in mud? If your #vehicle’s transmission is of a #differential type (with normal differential gear), you must have experienced such a situation or noticed that when #friction...

Lubricant Oil

A #lubricant is a substance, usually organic, introduced to reduce #friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move. It may also have the function of transmitting...

Lift Axle

Some dump trucks and trailers may be configured with a lift #axle

Static & Kinetic friction

Static friction keeps this machine steady , static friction usually bigger than kinetic friction , so when it loses friction the kinetic friction can not stop the movement at the same circumstances