Solar Heater

The solar heater is a device for converting solar radiation #energy into #thermal energy used in heating #water for home purposes and warming .


The #solar #heater consists of the following sections:  #Storage tank – Sun ray collector –  Accessories
The collector consists of glass tubes: the outer #tube of the pyrex is highly transmittable to the solar radiation and discharged from the air. The inner tube is coated with black absorbent radiation. The tank is placed at the top of the picker to take advantage of the thermal Natural Convention. The hot water is transferred from the collector to the storage tank , and the cold water from the tank to the collector due to the density difference .


The external tube is discharged from the air , with the aim of increasing isolation by preventing the occurrence of air currents (Natural Convention) inside the tube that transfer heat from the inner tube to the outer tube


The tank consists of two layers of metal and a layer of insulation of foam or fiber is between it .
Accessories: an electric heating device used in the absence of long-term sunshine –  #Valve for filling – #pressure valve – set of sensors for the level and temperature –  filling #pump  – control unit .

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