Medical Wastes Treatment

Medical waste is a subset of wastes generated at health care facilities, such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, dental practices, blood banks, and veterinary hospitals/clinics, as well as #medical research facilities and laboratories .

medical wastes

It is necessary to treat these wastes correctly to avoid returning of disease back to the human or animals

illagal medical wastes

The process starts in the source of wastes like hospitals ;

1-Medical #wastes must be sorted out of other wastes and the sharp parts must be put in special boxes .

Yellow Disposal Medical Waste Safety Box

2- wastes must be put in nylon bags with cation marks refers to medical wastes

medical wastes bag

3-Nylon bags are kept in closed container in cooled place and transported to treatment facility in a cooled truck

cooling unit

In Bondtech #autoclave treatment facility they treat medical wastes with hot compressed steam

bondtech autocalve

steam is generated by the boiler that produces 150C temperature 2.5bar press steam


Medical wastes are put in metal container and inserted into autoclave

They treated with steam for 35 minutes while a graph records temperature and press 

then wastes are ejected and transferred out for correct disposal

all containers and equipments must be washed with water and hypochlorite








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