Jet Engine

The jet engine in general is every #engine that works according to #Newton’s third law (for each reaction is equal to intensity and reflected in the direction)

jet engine

In particular, it is a #thermodynamic engine operated by the #Brayton Thermodynamic #circuit, which emits gases, causing an opposite reaction to the direction of the gases flow .It is generally used in airplanes and is similar in principle to gas #turbine , consisting of air #compressor in the front that raise the air pressure inside the engine and push it towards the combustion chamber where the fuel is mixed,

jet engine

fuel is burned and the temperature of the gases is raised under constant pressure. Then these gases are forwarded to a gas #turbine , where expand and produce energy to the blades of the turbine rotates the turbine connected to the axis of the compressor, and thus we find that the compressor is provided with energy through the rotation of the turbine

jet engine

The gases coming out of the turbine rush rapidly towards the exit nozzle, causing the push force in reaction .

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