Hybrid Vehicle

The hybrid vehicle is any vehicle that uses two different types of fuel or more, such as an internal combustion #engine to spin an electric generator that feeds an #electric #motor.

Toyota Yaris hybrid

This system is used in diesel trains. The diesel engine rotates a generator that generates the current to operate electric motors positioned on the wheel axles In a diesel-powered locomotive .


Also in submarine where the diesel engine works when the submarine is on the surface – because the diesel engine needs air – it charges the batteries, which in turn fuel an electric propulsion motor when diving underwater, where the diesel engine can not be operated

submarine working diagram

In the world of modern cars, the electric hybrid car is the car that uses an internal combustion engine and electric motor and batteries to store electricity to achieve positive features such as Improve performance, reduce fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions


The hybrid car system consists of an internal combustion engine that rotates a generator that in turn charges the batteries and rotates an electric motor that drives the vehicle.
Positive Features:
– A regenerative braking system that converts the kinetic energy of the car into electrical energy stored in batteries, which reduces the amount of fuel consumed.

regenerative braking

– The performance of the hybrid car in partial loads better than ordinary cars where the batteries and the electric motor are used for slow walking and frequent stop as in cities, which reduces the fuel consumption, especially in the case of temporary suspension and thus reduce the amount of gases emitted.
– The use of electric motor to generate momentum is characterized by rapid response and can be used as an auxiliary engine for the internal combustion engine in case of need for great acceleration such as sudden takeoff or overtaking or climbing hill .
– The internal #combustion engine is turned on and off automatically which is automatically turned off before the car stops and is restarted when need to charge the batteries.

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