Differential Gears

Differential gears is part of the vehicle’s transmission system, which is used to move the #wheel #axle at two different speeds when passing the turns.

Differential axle

In the case of walking on a straight road, both wheels should rotate at the same speed. When turning or passing through curved road, the outer wheel will take a longer path than the internal wheel and therefore have to do a larger number of turns so it was necessary to find a system that changes the number of turns according to the required track


The #differential #gears consist of the steering #gear (crown), which holds the small ( planetary ) gears that rotates with it, and aligns with the wheel shaft


When moving in a straight path, the planetary gears move with the axes of the wheel shaft as if they were one piece,


When moving in a circular path, the planetary gears roll over the inner shaft gear of the slow-moving internal wheel, causing the outer to spin more rapidly and when the inner wheel stops completely as in the lateral braking of the tractors, the external wheel will rotate twice as fast


This gif shows the set when work on straight path

Differential gears

This video shows a full tutorial of differential gears 

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