Arc Welding

#Electric arc welding is done by the #heat generated by the electric arc between electrode and metal,

arc welding

The electric arc is the discharge of electrical charges through a gap between the conductors and the temperature of the electric arc up to 5000 degrees Celsius is enough to melt #iron and its alloys.


The molten electrode metal is used to fill the gap between the welded pieces. Therefore, the electrode metal is preferable to be similar the welded metal. The electrode is also covered with a  dielectric layer to give a quantity of gases covering the molten welding basin and protected from oxidation by air


For an electric arc we need a high-Amperage current and get it  by the #transformer 


The transformer is a device that transmits electrical energy between two or more circuits by electromagnetic induction, consisting of two winded wires that surround an iron core. The primary coil passes through alternating current. A variable magnetic field is generated in the core. This field generates a variable electric current in the secondary coil according to Faraday’s law In electrical induction


Given the following relationship
Vp / Vs = Np / Ns
Ip / Is = Ns / producer
Vp voltage on the primary coil “Volts”
Vs voltage on the secondary coil “Volts”
Np number of winds the primary coil 
Ns number of winds in secondary coil
Ip current in the primary coil “Amperes “
Is  current in secondary coil “Amp”

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