Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum Extrusion is a process of production by forming objects with a fixed section by pushing the material to be formed through a slot with a specific shape so the material

Aluminum Extrusion

section takes the shape of the hole, the features of this process is getting a complex forms of the section of the material produced and the ability to form materials that are sensitive to #pressure and shear #stress, such as Aluminum
The #Aluminum is extruded by the following steps:
1- Heating the material up to 500 600 C
2. The material is pushed into a closed container and pressed by a #piston towards the opening of the mold
3. The pressure causes the material to break out and exit the mold slot with a section that corresponds to the shape of the hole and the required length .

There are tow ways of extrusion :
Direct extrusion : In which the pressure is applied from a side and the metal exits from the other side , the advantage is reduction the amount of waste remaining in the container after the completion of the extrusion process and its disadvantage is the large friction between the metal and the container due to the movement of the entire quantity of metal .


The indirect method, in which the pressure is from the same side of the exit of the metal, the advantage of this method to reduce friction between the metal and the
container and the disadvantage is a large amount of wasted metal inside the container in the form of a non-extruded disk



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